Avalon with Bootstrap 4

Avalon with Bootstrap 4

Avalon is one of the most popular premium application templates for PrimeFaces featuring a modern and easy to use premium application template with highly customizable layout features. Based on a bootstrap styling, it is fully responsive, touch optimized, built with SASS, CSS3 and HTML5.

We’re now excited to announce that, Avalon is updated to offer Bootstrap 4 styling options for both the layout and theme as an alternative to v3. Please note that, Avalon does not use or depend on bootstrap since it provides styling based on bootstrap theming.

Live Demo

Visit the live demo to see the new Avalon in action. The menu now has an item to switch between bootstrap 3 and 4 styling so that you can choose from a variety of theming options with v3 and v4 alternatives.


Avalon is available at PrimeStore.

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