Be involved in the Spring ROO PrimeFaces add-on

Be involved in the Spring ROO PrimeFaces add-on

Spring ROO – PrimeFaces Add-On is progressing but help is needed! Attached is the message from Spring Roo Lead Alan Stewart;

The Spring Roo team have started an exciting new add-on to create Roo applications with a PrimeFaces UI. We want to harness the power of PrimeFaces and JSF 2 to bring Roo users a rich UI experience like never before. As such I want to know if any enthusiastic PrimeFaces developer would like to get involved.

If you have used Spring Roo before, you will know that it comes with a few sample applications that have a Spring MVC web front-end. We have a working PrimeFaces prototype of one of the sample applications called Vote, however it is done using JSF and PrimeFaces tags. Before the add-on can be written to code-generate a JSF UI, we first need someone to volunteer their time to convert this app to render the majority of the components using the PrimeFaces/JSF 2 API. This has proven to be a time-consuming task as lots more Java code needs to be written to render the pages than just using tags. Also, I’m sure there are many more experienced PrimesFaces/JSF developers out there than I am and using best practices will ensure the success of the add-on.

Interested in helping out? If so, send me an email at stewarta at vmware dot com and I can give you more details.

Alan Stewart
Project Lead
Spring Roo

PrimeFaces Team will be working as an advisor in the development of the add-on with the Spring Roo Team and the volunteers as well.  See PrimeFaces forum to follow the discussion.

Let’s all make this add-on a success!

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