Designer API is a SASS based theme engine to create PrimeReact themes easily featuring over 500 variables, a demo application and sample themes including the Nova and Luna theme families. Whether you have your own style guide or just need a custom theme, Designer API is the right tool to design and bring them to existence.


500+ Variables

Colors, fonts, dimensions, colors, paddings, margins and more are customizable using a wide range of variables.

Easy to Customize

In addition to the variables, Designer API provides extensions to suit the generated theme according to your own style guide.

Font Icons

Font-icons are utilized by the components across the theme for a modern look.

Sample Theme

A base theme is included to get you started with designing your own theme in no time.

Nova and Luna Theme Families

Designer includes the full access to the SASS implementation and the variables of the PrimeReact Nova and Luna theme families.

Designer & Developer

Whether you are a designer or a front-end developer, Designer API provides a well defined and easy to customize APIs to design your own custom themes.

Trusted by Millions of Developers

Open source products of PrimeTek are used all around the world by 1M+ developers in Fortune 500 companies, corporations, government and educational institutions.

Well Supported

PrimeReact Designer is frequently updated for enhancements and has a dedicated forum where support is delivered by engineers at PrimeTek in a timely manner.

Access to the Designer API requires a 6 months subscription and offers two different licensing models based on the type of the application where the generated theme would be used.

  • Basic Licence

  • $29

    • Non Commercial Usage
    • Single End Product, No Multi-Use
    • Lifetime Support at Prime Forum
    • Free Updates for 6 Months
  • License Details
  • Extended License

  • $290

    • Commercial Usage
    • Multiple End Products
    • Lifetime Support at Prime Forum
    • Free Updates for 6 Months
  • License Details

Download package contains a demo application as a create-react-app project, full access to the Designer API SASS engine and a base theme.

Officially supported for 5.x and newer.

Compatible with modern browsers and Internet Explorer 9+

Visit the official documentation for the documentation.

If you have any further questions about PrimeReact Designer please contact us via