Dialog Enhancements

Dialog Enhancements

Dialog component has received major update for M3 and reimplemented as a native PrimeFaces widget. Old Dialog was based on jQuery UI’s dialog which was giving us and users some problems since it’s can’t be updated with ajax, uses a fixed 300px default width and more. New Dialog keeps all the features to be backward compatible and adds more;

  • Draggable
  • Resizable
  • Modal
  • Easy Positioning
  • Effects
  • Callbacks and Listeners
  • Minimizable – New!
  • Maximizable – New!
  • Lazy Content – New!
  • Header-Footer Facet – New!
  • Auto Width – New!
  • Can be updated with ajax – New!

Minimize/Maximize mimics the window options in a desktop environment and new dynamic mode is very useful to speed up page load time since dialog contents are loaded lazy before being shown for the first time.

See PrimeFaces Labs for the Beta Demos.

Next stop regarding new features is the new treeTable and then we’ll start with the maintenance/bug-fixes for M3 which is due end of August.

  • George
    27 July 2011 at 14:47

    Awesome dude!

    This is so much better, that OpenFaces had for awhile. The only special components from OpenFaces are the validation framework and composite filtering.


  • Clément
    27 July 2011 at 17:06

    Wow! That’s very useful!
    Great job!

  • Venu
    27 July 2011 at 18:33

    Prime-faces Rocks and I waiting for official 3.0 release!

    One observation is if we maximize the dialog, close and open again It retains the state. I am not sure if this is an expected behavior.

  • Luuzz
    27 July 2011 at 22:39

    I really like the lazy loading. One doesn’t have to deal with visible attributes, update or stuff like that anymore

  • AJ
    28 July 2011 at 11:27

    doesn’t work with chrome as of now

  • cagataycivici
    28 July 2011 at 12:18

    Clean your cache.

  • bitec
    28 July 2011 at 15:13

    Marvellous! I created a couple of jiras for dialog, but now seems they should be closed. The ajax update for dialog was terrible when using facelets components and updating the whole component together with dialog in it. I hope soon I will refactor the staff, I had to do to overcome this 🙂

    Thanks, Cagatay and team!

  • Roger
    9 August 2011 at 16:19

    Hi Optimus, this framework is ROCK!!!

    So, do you need task force? tell me. Will be a pleasure work with primefaces team.

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