Modena Documentation

Less Files

Both modena-layout and theme css files can be customized usign LESS. The less files of layout are located at less folder in layout zip file and the less files for theme are located inside the theme jar. These files are also available at the maven project provided in the layout distribution file.

In order to compile less files, you need a command-line tool such as lessc, please refer to LESS documentation for the setup of the compiler. Both layout and theme less configuration have a variables file that defines the foreground color, background color, border color and font size of the elements e.g @datatable-odd-row-bgcolor for background color of the odd numbered datatable rows.

After compiling the modena-layout.less file, replace the webapp/resources/modena-layout/css/modena-layout.css with the genereted modena-layout.css. Similarly for theme, theme.less file compiles as theme.css to replace the original theme.css in jar file. Manually editing the jar file to replace theme.css is required for this case.

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