Introducing PrimeNG Mirage

Introducing PrimeNG Mirage

PrimeTek is proud to announce Mirage. Inspired by Bootstrap styling, Mirage offers a brand new premium Angular CLI template for PrimeNG featuring over 4500 UI Variations, Dark Mode for the entire application, numerous PrimeNG themes, beautiful menu designs, ready to use pages and enhanced mobile experience.

4500+ UI Variations

Choose from various modern designs crafted by our team or create your own Mirage experience with the ease of customization.

Dark Mode

Mirage offers 24 built-in themes where each theme colors offers a light and a dark alternative.

Responsive Design

Mirage is optimized to offer the finest experience depending on the screen size.


Configurator is a simple tool to design your own Mirage layout with ease.


Mirage menu offers an intuitive way to enhance the user experience across different devices. In addition to the default vertical mode, horizontal layout is also available.

Menu Themes

Mirage offers various menu themes featuring images and gradients.

Ready to Use Pages

Landing, login and error pages are provided as template pages to get started with building your app in no time.

Mobile Experience

Touch optimized enhanced mobile experience with responsive design.

Live Demo

Visit the Mirage Showcase to see this beautiful template live.


Mirage is available at PrimeStore for purchase and download, starting from only $79.



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