Introducing PrimeVue Babylon

Introducing PrimeVue Babylon

PrimeTek is proud the announce Babylon, the brand new premium application template for PrimeVue featuring over 600 UI Variations with different menu options, 50+ PrimeVue themes, ready to use pages, enhanced mobile experience and more.

600+ UI Variations

Choose from various modern designs crafted by our team or create your own Babylon experience with the ease of customization.


Menu of Babylon comes in 3 flavors; static, overlay and horizontal with dark/light color schemes. In addition, for the first time ever, we’ve introduced a new grouped menu mode where submenus of the first level menuitems are expanded for easier navigation.

51 Beautiful Themes

Babylon offers 51 built-in themes where each theme colors offers accent, light and dark options, moreover creating your own theme is a matter of defining couple of sass variables.

2 Profile Modes

User profile menu can either be placed inside the main menu or topbar.

Ready to Use Pages

Mobile Experience

Live Demo

Visit the Babylon Showcase to see this beautiful template live.


Babylon is available at PrimeStore for purchase and download, starting from only $59.




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