Sapphire for PrimeNG

An elegant premium application template with a beautiful design.

Based on material design language, it is fully customizable with SASS variables and optimized for all devices with responsive design.

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Download package is an Angular CLI project that contains all the resources including css, scss, images, fonts, login, promotion, error pages and sample demos.

PrimeNG offers premium Angular CLI templates designed by our professional design team and implemented by the PrimeNG team. Various other 3rd party Angular templates are actually ports from other technologies and they bring the burden of a dependency hell. PrimeNG templates on the other hand utilize native Angular APIs, distributed as a CLI project, have a single dependency that is PrimeNG featuring top notch quality resulting in easier maintenance and unified look.

Wondering about how PrimeNG premium template are implemented? Check out the primeng-blueprint project at GitHub and the live demo for details.


  • Single Dependency: PrimeNG
  • Developed by a Single Vendor with 10+ Years of UI Expertise
  • Unlimited Free Support and Updates
  • Implemented as a native Angular application
  • Flawless maintenance
  • Updated periodically after PrimeNG / Angular releases
  • Distributed as an Angular CLI Project


  • Multiple 3rd Party Dependencies
  • Dependencies from different vendors
  • Paid Support
  • Wrapper of another technology e.g. jQuery
  • Maintenance issues due to dependencies
  • No clear release cycle of updates


5 Million+ UI Variations

Choose from various modern designs crafted by our team or create your own Sapphire experience with the ease of customization.

Angular with CLI

Sapphire is powered by Angular CLI to get started in no time following the best practices. Template is native and implemented in pure Angular.

Fully Responsive

Sapphire is crafted to provide optimal viewing and interaction experience for a wide range of devices.

Material Design

Sapphire is inspired by Google’s Material Design language.

Full SaSS Support

Scss syntax of Sass is used to create the css of
both layout and theme for easy customization.

2 Menu Orientations, Light, Dark, and 80+ Different Custom Menus

Sapphire has 2 menu modes; Horizontal and Vertical with Light, Dark and 80+ different custom alternatives.

80+ Special Topbars

Sapphire offers 80+ special topbar themes featuring images and gradients each having 3 size alternatives.

18 Different Themes

In addition to the 18 built-in themes and creating your own theme is a matter of defining a couple of sass variables.


Configurator is a simple tool to design your own Sapphire layout with ease.

Ready to Use Pages

Landing, login and error pages are provided as template pages to get started with building your app in no time.

Mobile Experience

Touch optimized enhanced mobile experience with responsive design.

Cross Browser Compatible

First class support for IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge.

Well Supported

Sapphire has a dedicated forum where lifetime support is delivered by engineers at PrimeTek in a timely manner.

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Need a Custom Theme Based on Your Own Style Guide?

Designer API is a SASS based theme engine to create PrimeNG themes easily featuring over 500 variables, a demo application, and a base sample theme. Whether you have your own style guide or just need a custom theme, Designer API is the right tool to design and bring them into existence.

Sapphire is a next-gen layout proudly presented by Prime Tek