License Terms Update on Premium Templates

License Terms Update on Premium Templates

There is an important change in the terms of premium templates licenses that we’d like to share. As of 20th July 2018, both basic and extended licenses only allowed single end products to be developed meaning multiple applications require multiple licenses. Due to community feedback, we’ve made a positive change and add support for multiple end products to the Extended License, meaning there is no need to purchase a separate license in case you’d like to use the template in multiple applications. Note that basic license terms have not changed as it still requires one license per end product. If you need to develop multiple end products, whether it may be sold or not, only one extended license will cover your requirements.

These new terms also apply to Designer tools of PrimeFaces, PrimeNG, and PrimeReact along with all Premium Templates.

Thank you for all members of the community who contacted us to provide feedback on their multiple end products requirements which led to this change.

For detailed information about license terms, please visit;

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