Mobile Ajax Push for iPhone with PrimeFaces

Mobile Ajax Push for iPhone with PrimeFaces

PrimeFaces 1.0.0.RC aka PRIMUS will introduce the new Ajax Push aka Comet features powered by Atmosphere, after doing the initial integration I’ve created a sample chat application for a demo. It’s a simple app with login and message sending capabilities powered by http-streaming. I’ll also add support for long-polling approach soon.

After creating it, I took the integration one step further and using TouchFaces, created an iPhone app as a chat client. App will also work well with other mobile devices such as Android Phones, Palm Pre, Nokia S60 and more, any handheld device with a webkit browser is supported well.

Following is a short screencast, begins with demonstrating how easy it’s to use PrimeFaces Push and then adds more flavour with the TouchFaces client. Don’t forget to watch the video in HD. You can also play with this stuff via the online demo of PrimeFaces. Mobile chat client is also available at the TouchFaces section of PrimeFaces showcase.

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  • Umar Hayat
    21 October 2009 at 19:48

    i love ajax experience on my iphone….this rocksman