Next-Gen Layouts and Themes

Next-Gen Layouts and Themes

Reception to the Prime Premium Layouts and Themes have been well and met our expectations so we have decided to invest even more to Prime Market. We had a change in our team where our old designer has left the company and a new designer along with a new front end developer have joined us.

This change will allow us to shorten the time between new layouts because in the past design, html, css coding have been done by the same person which was a time consuming process. In new model our new designer will just do design and the developer will be fully responsible with html, css, js coding. Separation of responsibilities will allow our teammates to focus on a specific task rather than dealing with multiple tasks.

Also we’ve done some technical changes, these are;

  • Use Sketch for design which is an awesome tool
  • Use new PrimeFaces Grid CSS instead of old containerX css for layouts
  • Use SASS with scss syntax
  • Smaller theme files, instead of styling each component individually, style global classes and add overrides, this should shorten the theme.css around %80
  • Cleaner and smaller html and css

So we are taking our time to apply these best practices and our new next-gen layout Icarus will be available by the end of june. It will be followed by a layout for Omega and Morpheus. The layouts before Icarus will be maintained and supported.

  • waqas
    3 June 2016 at 13:57

    wao ….That’s a great and lovely theme

  • Vincenzo Tresoldi
    7 June 2016 at 19:13

    A great turning point
    I think it’s also important to give information and investing on integration of the new components developed (PF 6.0) in older themes (the company I work for uses Adamantium)

  • Jochem Pouwels
    9 June 2016 at 10:33

    As an intensive user of PrimeFaces I’m really encouraging these new technical changes! I would love some information about the future of older (but still recent) themes, for example the Olympos theme.

    Will it be updated to use the PrimeFaces Grid CSS instead of the old containerX css? Or are they just being maintained while keeping their current containerX classes?

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