NG-Conf 2017 Insights

NG-Conf 2017 Insights

After a long trip to home, we’d like to share our insights about NG-Conf 2017 which we have contributed as a silver sponsor. To begin with, it was one of the best conferences we have ever been to, other conferences can take few clues on how to organize an event focused on people not just the tech. Here are some highlights;

  • From the beginning till the end, everything was well organized and fun. We would like to thank everyone for having such an amazing event.
  • We had an opportunity to meet lots of PrimeNG users, it was excellent to receive feedback in person.
  • Important companies¬†in the industry are aware of PrimeNG and most of them are already using it in their projects.
  • Since there are a bunch of new UI component suites for Angular, people are trying to settle on one. We explained the power of PrimeNG to as many people as possible to answer the question, “Why Prime?”.
  • People loves the PrimeNG logo and t-shirt, we’ve given away more than 100 t-shirts.
  • 10 attended has won a free license of a PrimeNG premium template.
  • Designer of PrimeNG premium templates, Onur Senture has won the table-tennis tournament.

Here are some of the pictures that we took during the event, looking forward to next year already! Thank you NG-Conf.


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  • Luke Bishop
    18 April 2017 at 17:48

    How can I buy a PrimeNG T-shirt?