PrimeElements with JavaEE 8 MVC

PrimeElements with JavaEE 8 MVC

JavaEE 8 MVC 1.0 is an upcoming web framework in the next EE release and Ozark is the reference implementation. The concept is pretty much the same with Spring MVC or ASP.NET MVC where Controllers handle requests and provide respond backed by a model.

PrimeElements suits very well in the context of a MVC framework, Anghel Leonard has created a small proof-of-concept form sample on using Ozark with PrimeElements where a form with various PrimeElements are used to collect data followed by a confirmation step.

This is one of the reasons why we announced PrimeElements as the future is here tagline. It is designed to work with frameworks that are not even released yet.

The code is available at GitHub and Glassfish 4.1.1 is required to run it.

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  • TryIO
    21 January 2016 at 10:35

    Yeah! Zillion of annotations again!

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