PrimeFaces 5.0 Roadmap

PrimeFaces 5.0 Roadmap

PrimeFaces 4 has been released and Elite Releases to support 3.5 and 4.0 keep coming. In parallel the next major version has been initiated for heavy duty development.

That is PrimeFaces 5.

PrimeFaces Mobile

We’ve decided to merge PrimeFaces Mobile back into core as having a separate library is causing compatibility issues with core. There will also be important changes in page definition, since Mobile hasn’t reached 1.0, it is a good time to finalize APIs.

PrimeFaces Push

As we’ve announced before, thanks to the partnership between PrimeTek and AsyncIO, the company behind Atmosphere, PrimeFaces Push is greatly enhanced for 5.0.

PrimeFaces 5.0 will ship with a new component model supported by annotation, and CDI compatible (or Spring or Guice!). PrimeFaces 5.0 will require Atmosphere 2.1.x in order to be able to supports new annotations and replace the default Atmosphere’s ObjectFactory.

The original Prime Push components didn’t expose any component model to an application. All POST messages where delivered directly to the remote client without giving a chance to the application to manipulate the message. An application that wanted to manipulate the message needed to implements Atmosphere’s API, which is complicated and requires depth knowledge of Atmosphere. The new implementation will make it much more easier for a developper to implements powerful push components. Read more about this model for detailed information.

New Components

As usual, 5.0 will bring new components to the suite like;

  • DataScroller for Infinite Scrolling used to load more items when the window or a specific element is scrolled down. Lazy loading is also supported.
  • Cache component caches the output of the children to speed up page load, various cache providers like EHCache and Hazelcast are supported.
  • Spotlight highlights a specific page fragment and blocks key-mouse events.
  • … more

Component Features

Various components will get important new features, most of these are sponsored by PrimeFaces PRO users. Some of these enhancements include frozen columns for datatable, customizable filters, treetable sorting and many more.


Maintenance is handled by PrimeFaces Elite, we’ll keep providing Elite releases for 3.5.x and 4.0.x whose fixes would be merged from 5.0. Elite guarantees high quality.

New Showcase

A brand new showcase will be available in January, it will receive a major facelift.


5.0 is planned to be finished by Mid Spring 2014. We are really pumped up for 5.0 and started working day&night. Some of the features described here are already implemented. 5.0 will be licensed under Apache License and will be freely available for everyone.

!!!Always bet on Prime!!!


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