PrimeFaces 6.2.11 Released with Modern Themes and Icons

PrimeFaces 6.2.11 Released with Modern Themes and Icons

PrimeFaces 6.2.11 is an important release featuring and the all-new free Modern Themes and PrimeIcons. Nova and Luna are created by the PrimeFaces Theme Designer API and come in various alternatives;

  • nova-light
  • nova-dark
  • nova-colored
  • luna-amber
  • luna-blue
  • luna-green
  • luna-pink

You can see Nova and Luna in action at live showcase and change the modes at “free” category under theme switcher at top right menu.

Please note that PrimeFaces only ships the CSS of Nova and Luna whereas SCSS format (SuperNova and SuperLuna) is exclusively available in Designer featuring full access to the SASS structure including all the variables used.


PrimeIcons is the new official font-icon library from PrimeTek to be shared between the PrimeFaces, PrimeNG, PrimeReact and other future Prime UI Suites. Visit PrimeIcons documentation for more information. PrimeFaces 6.2.11 replaces the old image based icons with the modern PrimeIcons.

PrimeIcons use the pi pi-{icon} syntax such as pi pi-check. A standalone icon can be displayed using an element such as i or span.

Using an icon on a button is simple as;

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes

Detailed ChangeLog

Details are available at GitHub for 6.2.11 .


New releases are available for Elite and PRO subscribers at PrimeStore. As usual community users can either wait for PrimeFaces 7.0 or build a development snapshot of 7.0 from github to access these features right now.

  • Johan Borchers
    12 November 2018 at 15:39

    Very nice !! A big compliment.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    12 November 2018 at 18:59

    I think it has some incompatibilities with Serenity Layout.