PrimeFaces 6.2.RC1 Released with California

PrimeFaces 6.2.RC1 Released with California

PrimeTek is excited to announce the first release candidate of PrimeFaces 6.2 along with the new California premium application template. 6.2 provides brings over 400 enhancements, security patches, new components, accessibility enhancements and addons to the existing featureset.

New Components

Sidebar and InputGroups are the new additions to the suite. In addition, new p:autoUpdate enables autoUpdate functionality for any component.

jQuery and Security

jQuery 3.2.1 provides important security updates and performance improvements. jQuery of PrimeFaces has been updated from 2 to latest one to benefit from all these important changes.

Overlay Performance

Various components having overlays such as selectOneMenu have received dynamic property, when enabled their overlay is rendered in a lazy manner after first click which drastically speeds up initial page load performance.


  • More DataTable features to MultiViewState such as column reorder and resize
  • Major enhancements to Tree DragDrop API
  • Custom content inside Paginator
  • Shift Key based selection for Tree
  • New user friendly RequestContext API
  • Filtering for TreeTable
  • Accessibility improvements for Screen Readers


RC1 is available at PrimeRepo whereas the final version will be at maven central.

Special Thanks

Kudos to PrimeFaces Lead Developer Mert Sincan and Community Lead Thomas Andraschko for their hard work on getting 6.2.RC1 out.


We plan to do another RC before the final release in early february, we’d appreciate if you take the RC to a test run and provide feedback.


California is the all-new premium application template for PrimeFaces featuring a highly customisable template with 20 awesome themes offering light, dark and gradient modes. As with all templates (except Morpheus), it is designed by PrimeTek’s lead designer Onur Senture.

20 Themes

Variety of options for the layout color palette are offered to define your own California experience.


California offers a new mega option as a helper to the main menu.

Template Pages

Landing, login and error pages are provided as template pages to get started with building your app in no time.

Mobile Experience

Live Demo

Visit the California showcase and homepage for more information.


California is a available for sale at PrimeStore.


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