PrimeFaces Elite 5.3.6 and 5.2.19 Released

PrimeFaces Elite 5.3.6 and 5.2.19 Released

PrimeFaces Team is pleased to announce the new updates for Elite subscribers featuring the brand new Knob component, nested dialog support for Dialog Framework and maintenance improvements.


Knob Component

Knob component is moved to PrimeFaces from extensions, it is an input component with knob control. Live demo is available at PrimeFaces Showcase.

Nested Dialogs in Dialog Framework

Dialog Framework is a handy utility to open another JSF page in a dynamically generated dialog, until now nested dialogs haven’t been supported meaning, it was not possible to open a dynamic dialog from another dynamic dialog. As it has been a popular feature request, we’ve implemented it and put up a demo with 3 levels.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


Binaries, Sources, API docs and VDL docs are available in PrimeFaces Elite Portal for ELITE and PRO users as an official release bundle.

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