PrimeFaces Manhattan Remastered

PrimeFaces Manhattan Remastered

Manhattan has been remastered featuring 5 layout modes, 2 color modes (dark and light) and 15 PrimeFaces themes to enhance the user experience with new customization options.

5 Menu Modes

In addition to the existing slim menu, 2.0 provides 4 new modes including “static”, “overlay”, “horizontal” and “toggle”.

Dark and Light Menu

Menu color scheme can either be dark or light whereas in prior versions, only dark mode was available.

Menu Design

In general, menu has been enhanced with a new design to give better feedback to the users about the state.


Remastered Manhattan now offer 16 themes out of the box and it is very easy to come up with your own thanks to SASS variables.

Live Demo

Visit the live showcase to take Manhattan for a test run.


Manhattan 2.0 is now available at PrimeStore.

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