PrimeNG 0.1 Released

PrimeNG 0.1 Released

PrimeTek is excited to announce the first release of PrimeNG, the UI component suite for AngularJS 2. As we’ve announced before, PrimeNG is a sibling of the mighty PrimeFaces and the new member of Prime Family of open source products that also includes PrimeUI and PrimeElements.

The initial 0.1 version brings 15 components, a new showcase, top notch documentation, integration with 38 themes and more.


The initial line up of components consists of;

  • Accordion
  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Dialog
  • Fieldset
  • Galleria
  • InputText
  • InputTextarea
  • Panel
  • Password
  • RadioButton
  • Rating
  • Spinner
  • TabView
  • ToggleButton


Showcase of PrimeNG provides all the demos and documentation. It will be updated after each release.


38 Themes of PrimeUI can also be used for PrimeNG, showcase utilizes them already and themes can be switched on the fly using the switcher at top right of the screen. After 1.0, we’ll offer premium layouts and themes such as Modena, Rio, Volt, Spark, Atlas, Titan and more.

PrimeUI and jQuery

In an Angular2 application, you don’t need to use jQuery directly however some of the PrimeNG components are based on existing jQuery plugins in PrimeUI and others are native components. jQuery based ones are optimized for PrimeNG integration using a technique called enhanced mode where plugin assumes dom is already created by PrimeNG component. As a result, jQuery plugin does not manipulate dom, only adds lightweight behaviors and low level requirements such as positioning. Changes as a result of one or two way binding are properly reflected between the UI and model. In addition components are destroyed whenever page is navigated away via router.


PrimeNG is available at npm, simple running “npm install primeng –save” will get it for you. For other setup details, visit the setup page. There is also a primeng-quickstart sample application available at github.


All source code including components and showcase are avialable at GitHub. PrimeNG is licensed under apache license v2 and totally free to use even in commercial applications.


A forum is created for discussions, support and feedback.


We plan to reach 1.0 with around 50 components in May 2016 and a plan is available at primeng wiki. For example, next version 0.2 will bring listbox, messages, growl, dropdown, inputswitch and carousel next week.

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