PrimeNG 0.6 Released

PrimeNG 0.6 Released

PrimeTek is pleased to announce the 0.6 release of PrimeNG featuring 3 new components, support for commonjs, reimplementation of 4 components and various other enhancements.

New Components

There are 3 new components in this release; Schedule, PickList and Orderlist. Schedule is based on FullCalendar widget whereas PickList and OrderList are native components.

Reimplemented Components

Instead of using jQuery/PrimeUI versions of InputText, InputTextarea, Panel and Fieldset, we’ve reimplemented them as native angular2 components. We plan to do more conversion in upcoming releases, goal is to have around 90% native components and 10% with external dependencies like jquery, charts.js, fullcalendar. That is for the js part, as css and theming are shared amongst PrimeFaces, PrimeUI and PrimeNG.


Until now, PrimeNG has been distributed in systemjs format, this prevents PrimeNG to be used with other loaders. As systemjs is universal and can load commonjs modules, in 0.6.0 publish format has been changed to commonjs.


PrimeNG is fully open source and free to user under Apache License and available at npm, for details please visit the setup page.

Full Changelog

Detailed changelog is available at GitHub.


Next version 0.7 will be released next week with 3 new components; DataGrid, DataList and DataScroller. Also we plan to add support for custom cell templates in DataTable such as placing buttons, images, links inside cells. 0.8 is scheduled for the week after to bring Tree and TreeTable components.


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  • Sudheer
    7 March 2016 at 11:28

    Congrats! Is it native components supports all PrimeFaces/PrimeUI component features(spinoff).

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