PrimeNG 2.0.2 Released

PrimeNG 2.0.2 Released

PrimeTek is glad to announce the new release PrimeNG that brings various improvements.

New Features and Enhancements

Defect Fixes


PrimeNG is free to use under MIT license and distributed at npm.


Angular 4 is in RC stage at time of writing and although there are reports that 2.0.x already works with it with some deprecation warnings (e.g. ng-template element), next week we plan to release PrimeNG 4.0.RC1 that officially supports Angular 4. PrimeNG 2.0.x will also be maintained for one month for defect fixes and security patches when necessary however we’d suggest upgrading to PrimeNG 4.x as it will have the new features like spreadsheet, organization chart, tree dragdrop, accessibility and performance enhancements.

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  • Fabien
    7 March 2017 at 17:37

    Angular 4 will support full server rendering, is there any plan to support it also for PrimeNG?

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