PrimeNG 4.2.0-Final Released

PrimeNG 4.2.0-Final Released

We are on a roll ladies and gentleman! After releasing PrimeReact 1.0.0-Final and an Elite release for PrimeFaces, we’re pleased to announce the PrimeNG 4.2.0-Final featuring 80+ improvements over the previous version.

Notable New Features

  • MessageService for Growl manage messages via an Observable
  • Floating labels for input components
  • Item Templating support for MultiSelect
  • Quality improvements on AutoComplete along with the new loading indicator and forceSelection mode
  • Built-in loading status for Lazy DataTable
  • Today and Clear buttons for Calendar in addition to the date templating
  • Terminal reimplementation using a Service
  • Rewritten lazy loaded tabs for TabView

In addition we’ve reviewed close to 200 issues reported by the community and thanks to this feedback and the PRs, quality has been significantly improved.

Full Changelog


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and available to download at NPM.


In addition to regular maintenance, accessibility work and quality improvements, three new components are being planned;

  • ScrollPanel: Panel component with custom cross browsers styleable scrollbars
  • InputNumber: Input component to deal with numbers, demo from PrimeFaces version.
  • KeyFilter: A directive to restrict keyboard on input components, demo from PrimeFaces version.

In addition, TreeTable will receive major changes for new features like resize, reorder, sort, filter and so on. All premium templates will receive an update as well.

Always bet on Prime!

  • evgenij
    13 September 2017 at 15:10

    I’ve been waiting for this release so long due to the fix of previous issues, but now I’m facing a non-working paginator of datatable 🙁 And now what? wait for the next RC..

  • evgenij
    13 September 2017 at 15:16

    I will specify: rowsPerPageOptions, after the selection of option, nothing happens until you select next page

  • Saravana
    14 September 2017 at 02:17

    Thanks a lot for your hard work !!!!