PrimeNG 4.3.0-RC1 Released

PrimeNG 4.3.0-RC1 Released

Update: 4.3.0-rc.2 is released after a quickfix on rc.1.

PrimeNG 4.3.0 has been under intense development and we’re glad to release the first release candidate. 4.3.0 brings new features like ProgressSpinner, Indeterminate ProgressBar, Messages along with significant quality improvements and better accessibility.

Full Changelog

There are 85 filed improvements in total, please see the full changelog at GitHub for details. Next week, we plan to do 4.3.0 final (with a surprise add-on) and will write a detailed post about the new features and changes. As an overview, highlights of new features would be;

  • New ProgressSpinner Component
  • New Message Component for inline messages
  • Indeterminate mode for DataTable
  • Accessible Dialog
  • Ability to use arbitrary objects instead of SelectItem (e.g Dropdown, Listbox)
  • Better Virtual Scrolling for DataTable
  • Important defect fixes to AutoComplete and Calendar
  • Ability to export specific columns to CSV
  • More control over zIndex layering of components
  • Better performance with change detection optimization


PrimeNG is an open source library under MIT license and distributed freely at NPM. We’d appreciate it if you take it for a test ride and give feedback before 4.3.0 final.

  • Jovica Madzevic
    27 October 2017 at 11:55

    Great job,
    The only thing that I still do not like is JQuery dependency of some of the controls (like scheduler).