PrimeNG 4.3.0 Released with Verona

PrimeNG 4.3.0 Released with Verona

It is once again PrimeTime! PrimeTek is pleased to announce the new 4.3.0 release of PrimeNG featuring 85 improvements along with the all-new Verona premium application template for Angular CLI.

New Components

There are two new components in 4.3.0, first one is the ProgressSpinner and the second one with Message. In addition, ProgressBar has received an undeterminate mode. Other notable enhancements are;

  • Ability to use arbitrary objects instead of SelectItem (e.g Dropdown, Listbox)
  • Accessible Dialog
  • Better Virtual Scrolling for DataTable
  • Important defect fixes to AutoComplete and Calendar
  • Ability to export specific columns to CSV
  • More control over zIndex layering of components
  • Better performance with change detection optimization
  • Replacement of native select element with Dropdown in paginator

Here is the full changelog of all the changes.


PrimeNG is an open source library under MIT license and distributed freely at NPM.


Verona is a highly customizable premium Angular CLI template with 4 menu modes, 7 PrimeNG themes, various layout colors, templates pages and more. See the live demo for the showcase. Verona is available at PrimeStore for purchase.


Next version would be 4.3.1 and scheduled for next week as a maintenance release, then we’ll start working on PrimeNG 4.4.0 that will bring a more powerful TreeTable and the KeyFilter directive.

Always bet on Prime!

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