PrimeNG 5.2.1 Released

PrimeNG 5.2.1 Released

PrimeTek is pleased to announce the new 5.2.1 release of PrimeNG featuring the all-new DataView component, drag&drop based reordering of rows of TurboTable, clear icon for dropdown and quality improvements.

Gone are the days where one needs to collect a bunch of different UI components from different authors and try make them work together in harmony with the pain of maintenance. PrimeNG provides everything you need in one suite to rule them all!

Reordering TurboTable Rows with Drag&Drop

Columns of TurboTable already supports reordering with drag&drop, with 5.2.1 rows can also be reordered using pReorderableRow directive. View the live demo for details.

Disabled TurboTable Directives

Various TurboTable directives such as pEditableColumn, pSelectableRow, pResizableColumn has received a new disabled property to conditionally apply them in dynamic columns. For example, a certain column can be made not resizable with [pResizableColumnDisabled]=”true”.

Clear Icon for Dropdown

Dropdown has received a tiny but handy icon to clear the value.


DataView is a new addition to the suite that combines the powers of DataList and DataGrid by displaying data in grid or list layout with pagination, sorting and filtering baked-in.

Defect Fixes

5.2.1 is not all about fancy new features, our team has reviewed issues with the most comments and applied fixes. Visit the full changelog for details.


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.

Premium Templates

PrimeNG offers premium Angular CLI templates designed by our professional design team and implemented by the PrimeNG team. Unlike other 3rd party Angular templates having a dependency hell which are actually a port from another technology not written in native Angular, they have high quality and only one dependency which is PrimeNG, resulting in easier maintenance and unified look.

Suppose you like material design, then Serenity might be for you;

Or preferring bootstrap UI, check out Avalon.


See the roadmap to get an idea of what is coming up. We’ll be at Ng-Conf as a silver sponsor again this year and planning to release PrimeNG 6.0-RC1 that aligns with Angular 6 by then since PrimeNG major releases are synced with Angular itself.

Always bet on Prime!

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  • John Scott
    6 March 2018 at 20:41

    Really nice!! I’m anxiously waiting for discounts on premium templates!! Please release a new season of discounts! 😀