PrimeNG 6.0.0-alpha.2 Released

PrimeNG 6.0.0-alpha.2 Released

PrimeNG 6.0.0 is getting closer to the final release where each milestone brings important enhancements. Alpha-1 has brought first-class Angular 6 support and now Alpha-2 delivers the all-new mighty TreeTable featuring enterprise ready features.


The most advanced TreeTable components provides the following features.

  • High performance
  • Template driven
  • Sorting (Single and Multiple column)
  • Pagination
  • Scrollable (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Frozen Columns
  • Lazy Loading
  • Incell Editing
  • Row and Cell based styling
  • Resizable Columns
  • Reorderable Columns
  • Responsive
  • Single, Multiple and Checkbox based selection
  • Column Grouping
  • Column Toggling
  • ContextMenu Integration
  • Native Angular component with no external dependencies

Yet, totally free and open source.

Live Demo

New TreeTable is available for a test run at live showcase.

Full Changelog

Visit the changelog for more details about the release.


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Alpha-3 will bring the new PrimeIcons to remove font-awesome as a dependency, so that PrimeNG can be used with any font-icon library whether it is font-awesome, material or others. Once alpha-3 is released, we’ll start general maintenance to get RC1 ready. All premium templates and PrimeNG Theme Designer will also be updated to PrimeNG 6.

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