PrimeNG 6.1.0-RC1 with Nova

PrimeNG 6.1.0-RC1 with Nova

PrimeNG 6.1.0-RC1 is now available featuring the all-new free Nova theme which is created with the PrimeNG Designer API. Nova is a free and open source community theme with a premium design and comes in 3 flavors;

  • nova-light
  • nova-dark
  • nova-colored

Example theme.css file to use in your application is;

You can see Nova in action at live showcase and change the modes at “free” category under theme switcher at top right menu.

Free themes prior to 6.1 are now deprecated and will not be maintained anymore as they were outdated and hard to maintain due to their implementation. With 6.1.0, whether free or premium, all themes offered will be developed by PrimeNG Theme Designer. This will help us maintain all themes from a central location.

Please note that PrimeNG only ships the CSS of Nova whereas SCSS format (SuperNova) is exclusively available in Designer featuring full access to the SASS structure including all the variables used.

Full ChangeLog

Visit the full changelog for more information.


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


6.1.0-Final is due 6th of August with further improvements to Nova. Then work for 6.1.1 will begin which will focus on maintenance instead of new features.

  • Mariano
    2 August 2018 at 17:57

    The link on the theme Nova (light, dark colored) to the showcase is not working

  • Mariano
    2 August 2018 at 18:10

    My bad. It just wasn’t visible until I entered to a component. If you are in the home page, nothing changes.

  • Diego Arantes
    3 August 2018 at 00:26

    Very good, congratulations!!!