PrimeNG 6.1.3 Released

PrimeNG 6.1.3 Released

PrimeNG 6.1.3 is now available as a maintenance release featuring over 40 enhancements.

Unit Tests

Recently we’ve focused more on maintenance to improve the overall quality of the library and one important aspect is increasing the test coverage. With 6.1.3, test coverage has increased significantly and we plan to enhance it even more in September. We’ll also publish the test coverage results soon.

Full Changelog

Visit the full changelog for more details. As you’ll notice, most of the issues are related to unit tests and defect fixes.

Premium Template Updates

In addition to the core, following premium templates have been updated to support recent changes in PrimeNG 6.1 such as new calendar features and disabled options.

  • Ultima
  • Barcelona
  • Serenity
  • Avalon
  • Apollo

We plan to finish updates of the remaining ones by next week. Migration is easy as updating your theme.css file.


Next version will be 6.1.4 that will include accessibility enhancements and quality improvements. whereas big ticket new features like the new DialogService and OverlayPanel enhancements will be in 7.0.0. Better Angular Universal support is also being planned for 7.0.0.

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