PrimeNG 7.0.0-beta.1 Released

PrimeNG 7.0.0-beta.1 Released

PrimeNG team is glad to announce the first release of PrimeNG 7.x featuring first class support for Angular 7, significant accessibility enhancements, new FullCalendar component and quality improvements.

Angular 7

Angular 7 has been released recently and PrimeNG 7.0.0-beta.1 is officially the first version that is fully compatible with it. Although the version is beta, it is production ready.

Accessibility Enhancements

Beta.1 brings keyboard accessible Table selection and TreeTable navigation. Accessibility will continue to have high priority as each release improves it further.

New FullCalendar Component

FullCalendar library is undergoing significant changes which is causing maintenance issues for the Schedule component, instead we’ve decided to create a new p-fullCalendar component with a future proof API. As a result p-schedule is deprecated. If you’d like to use fullcalendar-4.0.0-alpha.2 and newer, use p-fullCalendar instead. Note that p-fullCalendar does not depend on jQuery and Moment so bundle size will be significantly smaller if you use it instead.

Full Changelog

Visit the full changelog for more information.


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


7.0.0-final is planned to be released by the end of november whereas 7.x will bring the following exciting new features;

  • New Modern Carousel
  • Virtual Scrolling for DataScroller
  • One more free theme
  • Stateful Table
  • Row Editing for Table
  • Arrows for OverlayPanel
  • Filtering for TreeTable
  • DialogService to create dialogs dynamically

Babylon Template

Babylon is the upcoming premium Angular CLI application template for PrimeNG featuring over 600 UI Variations with various menu options, 50+ PrimeNG themes, ready to use pages, enhanced mobile experience and more.

Babylon is available for pre-order now starting from only $29 which means a $40 discount on basic license and 400$ discount on extended license.

See the live demo of the PrimeFaces version that will exactly be the same in terms of design for a preview. Babylon 1.0.0 will be released on 31st of October using Angular 7 and PrimeNG 7.0.0-beta.1

Visit PrimeStore to pre-order Babylon now.

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