PrimeNG 7.0.0 Released

PrimeNG 7.0.0 Released

It is once again PrimeTime!

PrimeTek is excited to announce PrimeNG 7.0.0 featuring TableState for the Table Component, all-new VirtualScroller, Dynamic Dialogs via DialogService, new free Rhea theme, significant accessibility enhancements and overall quality improvements.


Stateful table allows keeping the state such as page, sort and filtering either at local storage or session storage so that when the page is visited again, table would render the data using its last settings.

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Virtual Scroller

VirtualScroller is a new addition to the suite, based on Angular CDK’s VirtualScroller, the component provides an efficient way of rendering lists by displaying a small subset of data in the viewport at any time. In future releases, we aim to integrate VirtualScroller in more list components like Dropdown and MultiSelect.

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Dynamic Dialogs

Existing dialog components offers a declarative way of displaying content, PrimeNG 7 offers a more dynamic alternative using the new DialogService which is used to create dialogs on the fly and load any component inside.

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Rhea Theme

Our design team has created a new free theme called Rhea for those who prefer pastel colors.

Arrows for OverlayPanel

A small but a handy enhancement is the addition of arrow to the OverlayPanel component to indicate its target.


Various components such as MultiSelect, Listbox, PickList and OrderList has received treatment for keyboard accessibility so that they can be utilized without any mouse interaction at all.

Quality Improvements

Overall quality has been improved thanks to the increased test coverage and defect fixes.

Documentation of Older Releases

Documentation of previous releases are now available online, visit the version selector to navigate back to the previous releases.

Support for PrimeNG 6

Now that PrimeNG 7 is out, support for PrimeNG 6 is now available exclusively to PrimeNG PRO users.


Visit the github issue tracker for more details about the changes.


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


We’ll now start working on PrimeNG 7.x, the upcoming features are;

  • New Modern Carousel Component
  • Filtering for Tree
  • Filtering for TreeTable
  • Row based editing for Table
  • TableState for TreeTable
  • Screen Reader enhancements

Always bet on Prime!

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