PrimeNG 7.1.0 Released

PrimeNG 7.1.0 Released

PrimeTek is thrilled to announce PrimeNG 7.1.0 featuring Tree/TreeTable Filtering, Row Editing, Enhanced Virtual Scrolling along with performance, quality and accessibility improvements. As a coincidence, PrimeNG has recently passed 7M downloads so we take this opportunity to thank all the PrimeNG community for their continuous support and feedback.

Tree and TreeTable Filtering

Both Tree and TreeTable now provide advanced filtering support to search nodes in hierarchical data.

Row Editing

Incell editing has already been provided out of the box by the Table component, with 7.1.0 a row based alternative is implemented featuring a highly customizable UI where you have full control over the presentation and the business logic. View the demo for more information.

Enhanced VirtualScrolling for Table

VirtualScrolling implementation of Table has been greatly enhanced featuring a loadingBody template that allows displaying custom animations to give feedback to the user. View the live demo to see the pulse animation during virtual scroll.

Dropdown Performance

Dropdown has been suffering from performance issues when dealing with huge number of items, 7.1.0 has greatly improved the performance and even added an optional virtual scrolling to deal with huge number of items effectively.

Quality Improvements

There are various new shiny features however our team put in a lot of work to improve the quality of the library with fixes on the reported defects.


Visit the full changelog for a detailed list of enhancements.


PrimeNG is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Next major version will be 7.2.0 to bring the new modern carousel and a beautiful surprise. Stay tuned!

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  • sagar jadhav
    14 March 2019 at 07:27

    Good new features coming out from the prime ng in a new version