PrimeReact 1.3.0-RC1 Released

PrimeReact 1.3.0-RC1 Released

PrimeReact team is pleased to announce the first release candidate of PrimeReact UI Suite 1.3.0 featuring over 50 enhancements, portals support, accessibility improvements, significantly improved quality and more.

We’ll do a detailed post about the changes next week when 1.3.0 final is released, the overview of improvements would be;

  • New Growl and Messages Components
  • Improved quality of the library significantly, currently there are no open issues pending
  • Better accessibility for components regarding Screen Reader and Keyboard support
  • First class support for Portals API in components that display an overlay such as Dialog
  • Improved d.ts files of the components for better typescript support
  • Animations for panel components that toggle their content such as Accordion, Fieldset
  • Review and Refactor of various components to apply best React practices
  • Custom content for paginator
  • AutoComplete Loader
  • many more..

For full list of changes, please visit GitHub.


PrimeReact is an open source library distributed at NPM and free to use under MIT license.


1.3.0 final is due next week, then we’ll start working on new ScrollPanel component, dragdrop support for Tree, new premium templates and requests from the community.

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