PrimeReact 2.0.0-alpha.1 Released

PrimeReact 2.0.0-alpha.1 Released

PrimeReact has been going through a renaissance lately to match the quality of PrimeFaces and PrimeNG. 2.0.0 brings a major rewrite of the codebase, review of the complete documentation, new components, simpler imports and more.


Importing a component has been simplified, in previous versions the whole path was necessary;

Now it is easy as;


Type definition files have been shipping with the npm bundle however there were errors where the types or parameters do not match the actual code. With 2.0.0 all of the d.ts files have been reviewed and they are 100% accurate now.


Documentation has been lacking some of the important use cases of the components, there were errata and missing properties. With 2.0.0, all documentation has been proof read and greatly enhanced.

New Menus

All menu components have been reimplemented from scratch, these are;

  • Menu
  • ContextMenu
  • Menubar
  • TieredMenu
  • Steps
  • BreadCrumb
  • PanelMenu
  • MegaMenu
  • SlideMenu

Controlled vs Uncontrolled

React 16.3 and 16.4 has introduced significant changes regarding the lifecycle and state management. These have caused errors in components where props have been saved to the state, to provide a future proof API that follows the best practices of React, we’ve not introduced controlled and uncontrolled ways to necessary components. For example visit TabView component for an example. This new approach provides greater flexibility without breaking existing code.

New Inplace Component

Inplace of PrimeFaces/PrimeNG has been ported to PrimeReact to provide an easy way to toggle content.

Full Changelog

You may track the progress of 2.0.0 at GitHub.


PrimeReact is available for download at NPM.


Roadmap to 2.0 final is quite exciting, TreeTable will be reimplemented to match the featureset of DataTable, Schedule will be upgraded to FullCalendar 4.0 and a new free Sigma theme will be made available along with more internal refactor of the components. Estimated release of 2.0 final is mid August.  Our goal is to make sure PrimeReact becomes a top notch open source UI like PrimeFaces and PrimeNG.

Always bet on Prime!

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