PrimeReact 2.0.0-RC1 Released with the new TreeTable

PrimeReact 2.0.0-RC1 Released with the new TreeTable

After months of hard work and dedication, PrimeTek is proud to announce the first release candidate of PrimeReact 2.0.0 featuring the all-new powerful TreeTable component, accessibility enhancements and quality improvements.

Full Changelog

Visit github for more information about the changes.


PrimeReact is fully open source under MIT license and available to download at NPM.


2.0.0-final is planned 2 weeks later, then the work for 2.1.0 will begin to bring the new Carousel Component and the Virtual DataScroller.

PrimeReact Premium Templates

PrimeReact offers premium create-react-app templates designed by our professional design team and implemented by the PrimeReact team. Unlike other 3rd party React templates having a dependency hell which are actually a port from another technology not written in React, they have high quality and only one dependency which is PrimeReact, resulting in easier maintenance and unified look.

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