PrimeReact 3.1.0 Released with 3 Big Ticket Features

PrimeReact 3.1.0 Released with 3 Big Ticket Features

PrimeTek is excited to announce an important update to PrimeReact that brings 3 big ticket features; TableState for DataTable, Filtering for Tree and Filtering for TreeTable.

TableState for DataTable

Stateful table allows keeping the state such as page, sort and filtering either at local storage or session storage so that when the page is visited again, table would render the data using its last settings.

View Demo

Filtering for Tree and TreeTable

Filtering feature for both Tree and TreeTable has been a popular request and we’re glad to deliver it, special thanks to Mert Sincan who is also the lead developer of PrimeFaces on his work to bring in these features.

View Demo for Tree Filtering

View Demo for TreeTable Filtering

Full Changelog

Visit the detailed changelog for more information.


PrimeReact is fully open source under MIT license and available to download at NPM.

Premium Templates

All premium templates have been updated to support PrimeReact 3.0.0+ and available for download at PrimeStore.



At the moment, we’re planning to implement a new Carousel component for PrimeReact in addition to the regular maintenance and accessibility work.

Always bet on Prime!

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