PrimeReact 4.2.0 brings the InputNumber

PrimeReact 4.2.0 brings the InputNumber

PrimeTek is excited the reveal the 4.2.0 release of PrimeReact featuring the new InputNumber component along with 35 significant improvements to the UI Suite.


InputNumber is a new addition to library to provide a user friendly way to enter numbers. Integers, decimals, currencies, localization, units and customizable buttons are the highlights of this new powerful component.

Defect Fixes

Our team has invested in a great deal of time, to improve the overall quality.


View the full changelog for detailed information about the changes.

Live Demos

Visit PrimeReact Website for the full list of components, demos and documentation.


PrimeReact is fully open source under MIT license and available to download at NPM.

New Homepage

PrimeReact has a new landing homepage whereas the live demos are deployed at the primereact/showcase url.


We’re now working refactoring the CSS of the components along with the Theme Designer targeting PrimeReact 5.0 along with many other planned enhancements.

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