PrimeUI 1.0 Final Released

PrimeUI 1.0 Final Released

PrimeUI, the spin-off project from PrimeFaces has reached 1.0.RC1 release. PrimeUI is a pure JS-CSS framework providing 35+ jQuery UI widgets (menus, forms, tabview, accordion, tree, datatable, dialog …) designed to work with REST and JSON. These widgets were created exclusively for PrimeFaces from scratch as a result you can never find them anywhere else. PrimeUI can be used with any web framework like php, mvc, ruby on rails, spring mvc and more.


1.0 Final Release is available at PrimeUI downloads page.

New Committer

Rudy De Busscher has joined PrimeUI project as a committer and already contributed the fixes between the RC1 and Final. Rudy is also the author of AngularPrime, the integration module between PrimeUI and AngularJS.


Next planned version is 1.1 and we plan to add new widgets from PrimeFaces.

  • Rudy De Busscher
    25 October 2013 at 12:09

    There is one important change in the 1.0 final version, besides some small issues which are fixed.

    The option ‘source’ of the dropdown widget is renamed to ‘data’ to be consistent with the other widgets like listbox.


  • Siva
    25 October 2013 at 12:24

    Well done! I am sure PrimeUI will support mobile browsers in the very near future!

  • Sam
    25 October 2013 at 18:09

    Awesome work again, I see PrimeUI is the replacement or alternative for Kendo UI

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