PrimeUI 2.2 Released

PrimeUI 2.2 Released

PrimeTek is pleased to announce the brand new release for PrimeUI bringing new features to DataTable, new OrderList widget, enhancements to core and defect fixes to improve the overall quality.


Many features already available at PrimeFaces are now ported to PrimeUI as well, these include;


OrderList is the new addition to the suite featuring dragdrop based reordering as well as a response ui with multiple ways to provide a datasource such as a select element, local javascript array or a remote datasource.

Defect Fixes

Various defects reported by PrimeUI users have been fixed and closed, special thanks to the folks who have tested the last week’s RC release.


Full changelog is available at GitHub issue tracker.


There are two ways to download the library, simpler way is to use bower and alternative is the zip file bundle. With bower it is easy as running “bower install primeui”. Zip file on the other hand is available at github releases. Check out quickstart page for the installation of the library.


There are two main features coming, one will change the way PrimeUI is used (hint: web components via new PrimeElements project) and another will make it look beautiful (hint: Modena, Rio, Volt…). So keep an eye for PrimeUI 3.0 in January, exciting times ahead.

  • Julienng
    8 December 2015 at 11:19

    Did you think to use another tech instead of JQuery? Something like Reactjs ? That could be awesome!

      • Julienng
        9 December 2015 at 10:19

        That’s a good news! Both look promising and if would be a pleasure to contribute to this too

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