PrimeUI 3.0.2 Released

PrimeUI 3.0.2 Released

PrimeUI is updated to 3.0.2 release to bring optimisations for PrimeNG, defect fixes reported by our users and custom elements for jQuery UI Slider and Datepicker.


There are 14 changes in total, see the changelog for details.

New Elements

Slider and Datepicker have joined PrimeElements to provide web components for jQuery UI slider and datepicker.


PrimeUI 3.0.2 is available as a zip file at github, as modules via bower or npm and also at PrimeFaces CDN. See setup page for details.


Next planned version is 4.0 due in 2 weeks, which will align the theming of components with replacing .pui-* with .ui-* along with new widgets such as MegaMenu. DataTable will also be improved with a couple of enhancements.

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