PrimeUI 4.1.0 Release

PrimeUI 4.1.0 Release

PrimeUI 4.1.0 is now available with various improvements. PanelMenu is the new widget of the suite and we’ve also added enhancements requested by PrimeUI users such as new methods to existing widgets.


The most important change is the alignment of style classes with PrimeFaces, instead of pui-, PrimeUI now uses ui- prefix just like PrimeFaces. This will enable us port PrimeFaces premium themes and layouts to PrimeUI and PrimeNG much easier and also align theming across all 3 Prime projects.


PrimeUI 4.1.0 is available as a zip file at github, as modules via bower or npm See setup page for details.

Themes and Layouts

Modena, Rio and Adamantium for PrimeUI have also been updated to their 2.0 releases, if you plan to upgrade to PrimeUI 4.1.0, the compatible version of the layouts would be 2.0.

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