PrimeUI 5 Roadmap

PrimeUI 5 Roadmap

PrimeUI 5 is planned to be released by the end of April 2017 featuring 2 new widgets, alignment with PrimeNG and the Ultima Premium Template.

New Widgets

Calendar and Slider will be the new additions to the suite, they will be ported from PrimeNG.

Alignment with PrimeNG and PrimeReact

PrimeNG and PrimeReact share the same dom and css structure, PrimeUI will also be aligned with them so that they all will be based on a certain convention. This will also make sharing themes easier between each project.


Ultima is a popular premium template in PrimeFaces and PrimeNG communities, we’ll also port Ultima as a jquery only template so it can be used without any framework like JSF, Angular, React as PrimeUI is a simple solution with html, css and jquery.

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