Exporter is used to export the tabular form data and provide many features like multiple tables, subtable, grouping, cell editing, customized format and dynamic columns table. HeaderText and FooterText column attributes also supported along with ValueHolders.

IMPORTANT: Deprecated in 10.0 please use PrimeFaces Exporter: PrimeFaces DataExporter Showcase

Components and more
Documentation pe:exporter
Attributes (move mouse over the names to see data types)
Name Description
targetServer side id(s) of the DataTable/DataList whose data would be exported. Multiple components must be comma "," separated
typeExport type: "pdf","xlsx".
fileNameFilename of the generated export file, defaults to DataTable/DataList server side id.
tableTitleTable/List header title to use.
pageOnlyExports only current page instead of whole dataset.
preProcessorPreProcessor for the exported document.
postProcessorPostProcessor for the exported document.
encodingCharacter encoding to use.
selectionOnlyWhen enabled, only selection would be exported.
subTableWhen enabled, subtable would be exported.
facetBackgroundFacet background to use.Ex:Hex Colors like #FFFF00,#FF0000...
facetFontSizeFacet font size to use.Ex:10,12..
facetFontColorFacet font color to use.Hex Colors like #FFFF00,#FF0000...
facetFontStyleFacet Font Style to use.Ex:normal,bold,italic.Default value is Bold
fontNameFont Name/Font family to use.Ex:Courier New,Verdana..
cellFontSizeCell Font size to use.Ex:10,12
cellFontColorCell Font Color to use.Ex:Hex Colors like #FFFF00,#FF0000...
cellFontStyleCell Font style to use.Ex:normal,bold,italic.Default value is normal
datasetPaddingSpacing between multiple DataTables/DataLists
orientationPDF format orientation.Possible values are Portrait or Landscape.Default value:Portrait
skipComponentsThe list of components to be skipped in the pdf and excel export
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