Menu - Menubar

Menubar displays root items horizontally and nested items as tiered.

    <p:growl id="messages"/>

        <p:submenu label="File" icon="pi pi-file">
            <p:submenu label="New" icon="pi pi-briefcase">
                <p:menuitem value="Project" url="#" />
                <p:menuitem value="Other" url="#" />
            <p:menuitem value="Open" url="#" />
            <p:separator />
            <p:menuitem value="Quit" url="#" />

        <p:submenu label="Edit" icon="pi pi-pencil">
            <p:menuitem value="Undo" url="#" icon="pi pi-angle-double-left" />
            <p:menuitem value="Redo" url="#" icon="pi pi-angle-double-right" />

        <p:submenu label="Help" icon="pi pi-question">
            <p:menuitem value="Contents" url="#" />
            <p:submenu label="Search" icon="pi pi-search">
                <p:submenu label="Text">
                    <p:menuitem value="Workspace" url="#" />
                <p:menuitem value="File" url="#" />

        <p:submenu label="Actions" icon="pi pi-cog">
            <p:submenu label="Ajax" icon="pi pi-refresh">
                <p:menuitem value="Save" action="#{}" icon="pi pi-save" update="messages"/>
                <p:menuitem value="Update" action="#{menuView.update}" icon="pi pi-refresh" update="messages"/>
            <p:submenu label="Non-Ajax" icon="pi pi-clone">
                <p:menuitem value="Delete" action="#{menuView.delete}" icon="pi pi-times" update="messages" ajax="false"/>

        <p:menuitem value="Quit" url="" icon="pi pi-times" />

        <f:facet name="options">
            <p:inputText style="margin:1px 10px 1px 1px;" placeholder="Search"/>
            <p:commandButton type="button" value="Logout" icon="pi pi-home" />


Built-in component themes created by the PrimeFaces Theme Designer.

nova-light Nova-Light
nova-dark Nova-Dark
nova-colored Nova-Colored
luna-blue Luna-Blue
luna-amber Luna-Amber
luna-green Luna-Green
luna-pink Luna-Pink
omega Omega


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