In older EL versions (< 3.0), it's not possible to use enum constants or any other static fields/methods in an EL expression.
As it is not really "cool" to create beans with getter/setter for each constants class, we provide an utils tag which allows to import enum values in a page.

The enum values can be accessed via the name of the class (default setting) or via a custom name (var attribute).
It also possible to get all enum values of the class with the "ALL_VALUES" suffix or a custom prefix via the "allSuffix" attribute.

Development: Development
ALL: Development   UnitTest   SystemTest   Production  
<p:importEnum type="javax.faces.application.ProjectStage" var="JsfProjectStages" allSuffix="ALL_ENUM_VALUES" />  

Development: #{JsfProjectStages.Development}


<ui:repeat var="current" value="#{JsfProjectStages.ALL_ENUM_VALUES}">  
    <h:outputText value="#{current}" /> &#160;  


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