DataScroller - Basic DataScroller displays data with on demand loading using scroll.
Scroll Down to Load More Cars
  • Id: 101330fa
    Year: 1964
    Color: Yellow
  • Id: 90c6d989
    Year: 1970
    Color: Brown
  • Id: e59dbe81
    Year: 2004
    Color: Yellow
  • Id: dc893541
    Year: 1962
    Color: Black
  • Id: 157b235e
    Year: 1968
    Color: White
  • Id: 39082aaf
    Year: 1969
    Color: Blue
  • Id: 0dde11e3
    Year: 1983
    Color: Maroon
  • Id: 7b63dac5
    Year: 1977
    Color: Brown
  • Id: dc148894
    Year: 1995
    Color: Green
  • Id: cb31728a
    Year: 1972
    Color: Silver
    <p:dataScroller value="#{}" var="car" chunkSize="10">
        <f:facet name="header">
            Scroll Down to Load More Cars

        <h:panelGrid columns="2" style="width:100%" columnClasses="logo,detail">
            <p:graphicImage name="demo/images/car/#{car.brand}-big.gif" /> 

                <h:panelGrid columns="2" cellpadding="5">
                    <h:outputText value="Id:" />
                    <h:outputText value="#{}" style="font-weight: bold"/>

                    <h:outputText value="Year:" />
                    <h:outputText value="#{car.year}" style="font-weight: bold"/>

                    <h:outputText value="Color:" />
                    <h:outputText value="#{car.color}" style="font-weight: bold"/>
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