Dialog - Events

Ajax behavior callbacks are available for "close" and "move" events. Move event is available for 5.0.2+.

Show the Picture of the Day
Picture of the Day
<h:form>    <p:growl id="growl" sticky="true" showDetail="true" />
    <h:outputLink id="openDialogLink" value="javascript:void(0)" onclick="PF('dlg').show();">Show the Picture of the Day</h:outputLink>
    <p:dialog id="picture" widgetVar="dlg" header="Picture of the Day" resizable="false" showEffect="clip" hideEffect="clip">
        <p:ajax event="close" update="growl" listener="#{dialogView.handleClose}" />
        <p:ajax event="move" update="growl" listener="#{dialogView.handleMove}" />
        <p:graphicImage name="/demo/images/nature/nature4.jpg" />