PrimeFaces Elite

PrimeFaces Elite has been replaced by PrimeFaces LTS. New purchases of PrimeFaces Elite are no longer available, and access to Elite releases will be discontinued at the end of 2024. If you have already downloaded an Elite version, it will continue functioning and can be used indefinitely. For updates on older PrimeFaces versions, please consider using PrimeFaces LTS instead.

Elite Resources

No resources are available for download, login to your account to access resources.
  • PrimeFaces-12.0.8
  • PrimeFaces-12.0.7
  • PrimeFaces-12.0.6
  • PrimeFaces-12.0.5
  • PrimeFaces-12.0.4
  • PrimeFaces-12.0.3
  • PrimeFaces-12.0.2
  • PrimeFaces-12.0.1