Volt 2.0 Released

Volt 2.0 Released

PrimeFaces Volt 2.0 is now available with the new overlay menu alternative in addition to existing inline menu, official support for 5.3, new responsive demos and maintenance work.

Overlay Menu

Volt now offers to layouts more the main menu, default is the inline where menu is localed at the left side and the new overlay menu is enabled by adding PopupMenu style class to the body element. This new mode is quite handy when you need more space.

5.3 Support

5.3 has recently been released and we’ve tested Volt against 5.3, added necessary tweaks to make sure it is fully compatible with 5.3 in addition t0 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2.

Better Responsive Components

Highlight of PrimeFaces 5.3 is the improvements to responsiveness of components. After upgrading Volt demos to 5.3, we’ve put these new enhancements in use and even added a new sample page demonstrating various components together.


Volt 2.0 is available at PrimeFaces Market, next week we’ll also upgrade other premium layouts to 5.3 and make new releases for them as well.

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