Announcing PrimeVue 3.6.0

Announcing PrimeVue 3.6.0

PrimeVue 3.6.0 is out now with new components, new CSS utilities and updated theme designer.


SpeedDial is a new addition to the suite. It is mainly a floating button with menu items displayed around it when pressed. It offers numerous orientations and customization options.


Dock imitates the famous dock widget in Mac OS X with customizable positions.

FullCalendar and Charts

There are two important changes in this release. As full calendar has an official vue component, we’ve decided to drop support for our own wrapper and focus on theming of the widget instead. So even if you use the component from FullCalendar, PrimeVue still provides a compatible theming for it. In addition, charts have been updated to use charts 3.3.2+ so it is required to update your dependencies.

PrimeFlex v3.0.0

PrimeFlex v3 has recently been released and it is rewritten from ground up to be a fully featured CSS utility library. Although not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to use PrimeFlex for your requirements such as grid, layout, spacing and more.

PrimeBlocks for PrimeVue

PrimeBlocks is a new project from PrimeTek featuring copy-paste ready, easy to use building UI blocks based on PrimeFlex CSS utility library. First version is now available for PrimeNG and by the end of august we plan to release PrimeBlocks for PrimeVue as well.

Theme Designer

PrimeVue Theme Designer 3.4.0 is also released with support for the new components of PrimeVue 3.6.0 and Visual Editor feature for Viva, Mira and Nano themes.


View the Changelog for a complete list of the changes.


PrimeVue is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


Our current focus is on improving accessibility by creating a dedicated section per component for keyboard support and screen readers along with scores from audit tools.

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