Discounts at PrimeStore

Discounts at PrimeStore

PrimeStore is now offering long term discounts on premium templates and here is why;

A couple of months ago, we’ve decided to create the PrimeOne Design Architecture for all our UI component libraries. PrimeOne is a design agnostic styling system where a component css is composed of two parts. Structure is in the core of the library to deal with the common alignment requirements based on modern and easy to customize css whereas themes handle the skinning.

The concept has turned into implementation with PrimeFaces Diamond, PrimeNG 10 and PrimeVue 2. PrimeReact 5 is also under development and will be available in mid august based on PrimeOne followed by PrimeFaces 10 later.

Premium Themes

PrimeOne has changed how premium templates are perceived. For example, Diamond and Rain are the current next generation templates implemented with PrimeOne and look significantly more premium than the existing ones. Our plan is to update majority of the current templates with PrimeOne to be able to take advantage of the new theming api, icons and demos. Some will even receive a major facelift to get dark modes and a new design to be modernized. This also means the current pricing requires an update based on features of the templates, there are a couple of factors to take into consideration on the new pricing;

  • Number of Menu orientations e.g. slim, horizontal,
  • Based on PrimeOne or not
  • Dark Mode
  • Template pages
  • New Demos
  • New PrimeIcons 4.0
  • Level of Customization

Depending on these factors, we’ve updated the pricing of all our templates, once they are updated to PrimeOne, it is likely that pricing will increase slightly depending on what features they receive from the list above.

So please visit the PrimeStore to review the new pricing and the discounts.

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